Business areas
Specialized professional services in the real estate sector


Kinos is a professional maintenance company specialized in the real estate sector

From an operative point of view the Kinos Group is organized in the following units of business:

  • Brokerage: Landlord Representation.
  • Brokerage: Tenant Representation.
  • Corporate Solutions.
  • Investment Services.
  • Project Management.
  • Property Marketing.
  • Real Estate Management Services.
  • Research Services.
  • Valuation & Advisory Services.

In addition Kinos has two segmented cross-sectional areas of business based on the type of the type of investing client:

  • Corporate & Investment: includes the activity of the Group with sovereign bottom, investment funds, pension fund, great company, public administration and corporation.
  • Global Investors & Business Real Estate: Unit focused to international clients that coordinates the businesses of real estate investments of companies, real estate investors of private bank, particular investors and asset management.



Real Estate Services

We provide Real Estate services to individuals, companies, investors , investment funds worldwide . Services Business to Consumer and Business to Bussines .


Real Estate Investments

Real estate investment, real estate investment in profitable assets, investment, real estate sales and rentals.


Real Estate marketing

R & D constantly build new concepts that are committed to the international market trends, we are a great partner for sales success.


Investors search

We connect businesses and projects with investors and investors with projects that can develop your project or your investment with the highest returns.


Investment, Sales and Acquisitions

Direct Buy, investment projects, mergers, acquisitions and investment rounds. Our team has extensive experience in planning, negotiation and execution of corporate transactions.


Services to international investors

Individuals and corporations, international private equity, international private banking, international investment, international investment funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, Islamic banking.


Brokerage Real Estate

Intermediation in the purchase, sale, rental of commercial assets in Spain and Europe, offices, hotels, residential, industrial, business parks, logistics ships, buildings.


Troubled assets and liens

Consulting legal due diligence for buying troubled assets or bank repossessions. Selection and evaluation of assets of interest.


Sell and then rent

Lease -back, advice and sale of equity investor arrendatamiento back by original owner, obtiendo liquidity ( real estate leasing) plus take advantage of the tax benefits.


Search Finance

Search funding for operations and projects through international financial institutions, investment banking, institutional investors, Private Equity, investment funds, sovereign wealth funds, Islamic banks.


Services to international investors

Global relations, mutual funds in the U.S., Europe, China, Arab, Persian Gulf, Malaysia, Latin America, Australasia, Japan, Russians, Indians and Koreans.


Services to Owners

Advice, asset management and property valuation, market research, due diligence, and represenación agency services.


Representation Services

Tenant Representation and / or Investors, special relations with owners, tenants and major operators gives our customers a great value.


Wealth Management

Family Heritage, Family Office, Asset integrated property management, asset management, personal dedication, detailed monitoring of their Real Estate investments.


Performance Properties

Office buildings, car parks, hotels, banks, wind and solar farms, nursing homes, shopping centers, warehouses, stores, supermarkets, retail, etc.


Farm Business

Nursing homes, car parks, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, banks, warehouses, stores, wind and solar farms, shopping centers, retail, etc.



CRM, business Intellligence, Kinos management Kgest, management software, management of real estate assets. Constant updating of market information service owners and investors.


Energy and Raw Materials

Investment in commodities, agriculture, mining. Investment in energy projects, solar parks, parks Soleres, thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, oil projects.