Intermediation in sale of buildings.


Buying, selling buildings, buildings in profitability, unique buildings.

Services Companies investment fund managers.

Preparation of real estate investment funds for the purchase of properties and buildings in profitability.

Management of real estate portfolios , administration and management of investments in Public Buildings.

Advice to property funds whose financial products whose main objective is to invest in buildings for rent.

Investments in urban buildings in profitability.

Family Services office and investors, investments in buildings residential buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings unique buildings.

Buildings for rent offices and commercial buildings were those who buy and sell within a portfolio of real estate investment funds. In total, 60% of properties acquired or sold in the market of real estate investment are buildings.

Most operations performed buildings in central cities over 200,000 Building area buildings in Madrid Barcelona Valencia Buildings Buildings Buildings in Málaga in Spain.

"Real estate funds increase investment in the crisis phase . Reactivation ( industry ) is caused by the end of the crisis"

We manage operations of sale and rental of all types of buildings:

  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Uses public buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Social Services Building
  • Building of municipal enterprises
  • Corporate headquarters buildings
  • Industrial Building
  • Parking Buildings ( Buildings public or private parking , rotation)
  • Government Buildings
  • Buildings senior centers
  • Buildings for hotel use
  • Historical Buildings
  • Airport buildings
  • Buildings commercial areas
  • Oil Building
  • Multipurpose buildings
  • Logistics Building
  • Railway Buildings
  • Buildings R & D
  • Buildings in Technology Parks
  • Storage Buildings
  • Building Port
  • Cultural Buildings
  • Military Buildings
  • Buildings of electrical centers
  • Building data center
  • Hospital Buildings

Kinos manages a wide range of buildings in profitability of large real estate funds, institutional investors, family office SWFs institutions, public agencies and buildings held by financial institutions for loans and savings funds failed.

Buildings portfolio award Santander BBVA Buildings Buildings Buildings Liberbank Bankia Buildings Buildings Cajamar Caixa Banco Popular Buildings Buildings Buildings BMN buildings Unicaja Banco Sabadell Banca March Buildings etc.

We have the widest portfolio of market buildings, if you want to buy or sell or rent buildings in Spain.Contact us.

Outstanding assets


Surface 9.000 M2

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Málaga - centro, Spain   -   Consultar precio

Surface 16.000 M2

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Málaga, Spain   -   Consultar precio

Data center. Surface 5.600 M2

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Barcelona, Spain   -   Precio > 5.8M €

Data center. Surface 10.700 M2

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Madrid - centro, Spain   -   Precio > 31M €

Surface 6000 M2

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Madrid, Spain   -   Precio > 24.6M €

Surface 4.000 M2

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Valencia - centro, Spain   -   Precio > 16M €

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