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Kinos brokerage, management, project development, investors search for investment projects, search specialists and search oportuniades investment capital for investment.

Specialists in real estate investment projects, hotel real estate projects, residential building projects, commercial real estate projects , commercial real estate projects.

We work with investment banks , private banks, investment funds sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, institutional investors, equity financing or seek partners for investment projects related to multiple business areas, our specialty is cross channel and capital supply and demand investment to investment projects.

Types of projects for which we could find investors, projects from 100 million euros to 1,000 million euros.

  • Real Estate Projects. Investment and financing search for real estate projects.
  • Agricultural Projects. Inversion and seeking funding for agricultural projects.
  • Energy Projects. Investment and search for investors to Energy Projects.
  • Mining Projects. Investment and finding investors for Mining Projects.
  • Projects Cementeros. Investment and finding investors in Cement.
  • Projects Magnufactureros. Investing in Companies seeking investors Magnufactureras.
  • Projects malls. Investment and finding investors for Project malls.
  • Public Works Projects. Investment and finding investors for public works projects.
  • Technological Projects. Investment and finding investors for technological projects.

For investors, businesses and corporations if you have an investment project and / or need investment partners, investment capital, equity loans contact us. Kinos maintains relations with domestic sources of investment and investors and investment funds Global.

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Outstanding assets


Hotel 150 habitaciones + Spa + 250 Apratamentos

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Marbella, España   -   Consultar precio

Superficie 2.000.000 M2

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Madrid, España   -   Consultar precio

Superficie 4.500.000

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Sevilla, España   -   Consultar precio

Licencia para fabricación de automóviles en España

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España   -   Precio > 20M €

Búsqueda de socio para industria cárnica

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Córdoba, España   -   Precio > 12M €

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